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ScannableFakeID.com Review  – Is ScannableFakeID.com  Legit or a Scam?

email receipt:[email protected] 12/29/2018 subject:review

Sup, you cunts, this is my second review on here, so i tought it may not be perfect or even “very good” for that matter..  boy was I wrong. This thing is amazing. I ordered a Maryland ID from them  before, and that had worked like a charm (got into most of exclusive bars here in Arizona with). ——- Anyway to the stuff that REALLY matters——

Customer Service (8.5/10) I only contact the God once about the package after he shipped it. He’d reply within a day or two, which is understandable since he’s in Europe… But, overall his communication is solid and he’s a man of few words.

Stealth 10/10) That mother fucker knows what he was doing and it took me a solid 20 minutes to get that work of art open.

Quality (9/10 Instate) (10/10 Out of State) – If I was in Connecticut I probably would be able to get into most  high-end clubs or liquor stores using this id. And, if you were probably in a shitter area downstate you’d absolutely have no problems. Out of state (depending on which area of the states you’re in, you should have absolutely NO trouble using this.)

Scanning/Usability (10/10) Works like a charm. Passes advance scanners.

Overall (9.5/10) I’d say this id is damn near perfect, but with any id there hard to perfect. But, this is pretty damn close and damn sexy for the price.

YES, IT ALSO COMES WITH THAT OAK TREE ON THE BACK (but not visible to the naked eye).

The holograms are visible too (just the right amount)

But, ye this id is piece of art. Definitely, one of his BEST ones. Just make sure you dudes know the information on your id and be confident with it. If you’re not confident bouncers WILL see that and will pull your id!

From personal experience, DO NOT SHAKE YOUR HANDS WITH THE BOUNCERS. Just look those fuck facers in the eyes and thats it.

When they ask you for your id, eye ball them and be like ” urge here you go” (look annoyed).

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