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LitFakes THREAD – Reviews / Scams / Coupons for litfakes.com (2019)

LitFakes.com - Guide/Coupons/Reviews/Scams

Latest Review – Posted 15 Feb 2019 by anlin

The following is our in depth review of LitFakes.com – we had this website suggested by a customer and asked if we could do an investigation and review.

The first thing to ask about a website to see if it’s a scam or not is by looking on the proof page – if there is VIDEO and photo of actual cards printed by the website then that is a pretty good indicator that the website is legit.

Litfakes has a written note posted next to one of their Fake ID’s with the website written onto it (see image below) and if you click through to their proof page and scroll to the bottom there seems to be actual video footage of drivers licenses that they have made –

We also had a read of some of the Reddit reviews that were placed on the Reddit Fake ID forum  and that also seemed to check out.

But we did not want to give advice on this review without first making sure that Lit Fakes REALLY does send out an id card – so we put our money where our mouth is and purchased one to find out.




PURCHASE DATE: 12/18/2018

ARRIVAL DATE: 01/15/2019


We used the Cash App to purchase Bitcoin which we then used to transfer to purchase the card – this was a pretty cool feature that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

The card reached me exactly 16 days after I ordered, and the first thing that I thought was “fuck this looks good”. This is the 2nd fake Texas ID I’ve purchased (the original was from FakeYourID.com.. pretty shit quality).

I’ve taken a picture of the LitFakes card on the left and a real Texas ID on the right

allstatefakes review scam As you can see the lines and colors are identical, it feels the same, the holograms shine the same – I would be surprised if anyone could tell the real from the fake just by looking at it

Our overall rating for LitFakes.com:

Speed: 3.5/5

Card Quality: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Website Authenticity: A+